Moving the blog to The Cornishway

We love to post a random blog to track our adventures around the far west of Cornwall, with a few photos and a recommendation here and there. We’ll even include thoughts from guests at Tregiffian in future too.

But the blog is on the move.

You’ll find us now at:

You’ll also see from the new site that Myn Tea is now taking bookings for the lucky few who’ll get to drink their sundowners on that fabulous balcony, and The Old Dairy is already popular with bigger groups and couple alike who are looking for a more traditional cottage. Get the fire going in The Old Dairy of an evening and you won’t want to go anywhere else!

There are a couple of posts from the last week on the new blog, and some lovely photos. Remember when Polly was small? It was only a few months back.



Lime Tree pop up restaurant in fab gallery space!

Our lovely friends Miki and Justin have lived in Myn Tea for a few years now, moving there for Justin’s job as head chef at The Beach in Sennen Cove. Since moving to Tregiffian they have continued to deliver great catering to all sorts of outside events under their Lime Tree brand and have recently started creating pop up restaurants in interesting places.

Next Saturday they’re at The Exchange Gallery in Penzance.

If you miss this one then you should join The Lime Tree on Facebook for updates of future evenings.

Miki and Justin are moving on from Myn Tea next month. It’s a shame forus and they’ll be missed at Tregiffian, but it does meant that lucky people will be able to enjoy holidays at Myn Tea and sit and soak in that view.

The Olympic Torch passing our door

Land’s End is the starting or finishing place for many a crazy feat of endurance, cyclists, runners, walkers, stilt walkers, and more, but I can’t imagine that any other departure from the end of the country will pull as much attention as the Olympic Torch on Saturday 19th May.

It arrives from Greece on the 18th, but apparently not burning.

Shame that. It has the feel of something that shouldn’t be allowed to go out don’t you think? But I guess it saves some poor soul have to run a couple of thousand miles to get it to us.

At The Cornish Way we only have availability at Myn Tea that week, snap it up if you’re interested as I’m thinking I might just go myself.

Help pick the best of the best, CDs, Books and Films for entertainment at Myn Tea

We’re getting excited about kitting out Myn Tea cottage when Justin and Miki move on to their brilliant new project.

As with next door at New Forge we want to make it the best place to stay that we can possibly manage, and one small thing that will help make the difference is the entertainments we leave for guests.

Although the cottage will gradually fill with an eclectic collection of music and reading I want to deliberately set out to buy my 9 top CDs, films and books to get everything started.

They won’t follow any themes, other than that I love them all.

So come on – send your suggestions of your top 9 in each of these three categories, and you never know, I might just have to extend the list.

The Cornish Way goes live!

We’re delighted to launch the new site for The Cornish Way.

We’re certainly one of the smallest letting businesses in the west with just three gorgeous cottages, all at Tregiffian, just above Gwenver Beach. Most importantly though – we think we have the best cottages around, and we’re ready to do all we can to offer our lovely guests the best location for their stay, whether that’s a romantic break, or a family seaside holiday.

Over the coming years we intend to build the business to maybe a dozen cottages, but there’s no rush, getting it right is more important than growth right now.

We have had help from some great businesses over the past couple of months. The site was built by Bronco, they designed our booking system and brought our ideas to life. Star designer Allison Ball created the lovely logo and Sennen Surf Centre’s main man Dave Muir filmed the video on the home page that has already been loved up by all who’ve watched it.

The summer is looking busy already, but do check out the quieter months when we think Cornwall is at its best.

The Old Dairy hasn’t been advertised yet and has availability during the summer, but that won’t last!

Have a look and please let us know what you think.




Going abroad – The Griffin, Fellin Fach

It’s a long way to suggest that anyone drive when they’re staying at Tregiffian, but this is relevant.

We’re big fans of The Old Coastguards in Mousehole, and The Gurnard’s Head on the north cliffs between Zennor and Pendeen. Both offer comfortable eating and drinking in amazing locations. So we were keen to try the owners’ other hotel in the Brecon Beacons and spent two nights there this week. It’s The Griffin at Fellin Fach.

Comfort is the name of the game, that and great food.

A gorgeous huge bed.

No TV (a bonus in my book).

And a big fire. With dogs lying in front feeling welcome and calm.

It’s worth saving up for and going for their dinner, bed and breakfast deal, especially for mid week winter nights.

Being near a main road means it’s a tad noisy when you want to shut down for the night, but beyond that it’s fab.

Well done everyone there.

a long way from New Forge Cottage - but a great trip was had

Levant Mine to Portheras Cove

Instead of seeking beauty this afternoon, Polly Dog and I headed for the landscape ravaged by mining around Geevor and Levant. taking solace a little further on at Portheras.

Levant has the oldest working Cornish Beam Engine and the National Trust steam it every Tuesday during the summer months. I went there many years back when it was staffed by old Geevor miners would could tell you a real tale of mining. And who loved an audience.

Today, in winter, it was deserted, and all the more atmospheric for that. I read of how 4,000 tons of arsenic was recovered from the tin process, by hand! The men used to just scrape it off the chimneys.

A bit further along is the much more modern Geevor, we didn’t go up there today,but it’s well worth a visit for anyone remotely interested in mining, or just serious manual work.

Then next up the lovely cove of Portheras where Mindy and I had part of our wedding celebrations a few years back. I like swimming here, but best wear sandals as there’s the steel from a wreck still submerged in the sands and sometimes bits are exposed.

On the way back we were treated to a stunning sunset.

And then later this evening doggo and I walked the beach back from the Old Success in sharp bright moonlight.

Oh happy days!

Christmas Swim, 25 12 11, Sennen Beach, Sennen Cove

The Christmas swim at Sennen is quite an event and this year attracted probably a hundred and fifty swimmers and at least as many jealous folk as onlookers.

Towards eleven the beach transforms from having a few people to having a huge group, all getting strangely excited. And that excitement transfers to all as the dogs work themselves to fever pitch, being allowed to run riot for one day in the year as their humans get naked in the chilly Christmas wind.

There’s a call for two minutes to go, and by that time you’re already wanting to get back into your clothes, them suddenly everyone starts to run toward the distant sea. Every puddle freezing, and the splashes are each little horrors The camaraderie is amazing, the age range probably 12 to 70+, all with a common insane purpose.

I jumped in, took a couple of strokes and realise I can’t breath. Come out, then back in and swim properly.

This year there’s a strong rip and a lady gets into a bit of a panic. Fortunately a fella who knows the beach tells all to swim with the rip, and we all emerge red/blue/alive.

And looking forward to next year’s.

Stormy St Ives

St Ives is best visited in winter I reckon.

Even then it’s usually quite busy. Park up by the station and if you don’t even make it past Porthminster Beach you can still have a great day.

Yesterday was squally, and by the time we got around to the Island it was howling. Doggo and I were finding it hard to stay on our feet. Gorgeous though.